About RangeGolfer

About RangeGolfer

My name is Andy, I am 35 years old and RangeGolfer is about my current journey into the golf world. I’m a military spouse, an entrepreneur, and a huge golf enthusiast. I am not a scratch golfer (14.5 hcp Season 2016), I never participated in a professional event and have never made a dollar in the golf industry. But I have dreams and goals. Oh, I forgot to mention that I clean the house, vacuum the floors, do the dishes, do the laundry, fold the laundry, get my son ready for school and sometimes I cook dinner. Although I am pretty efficient in cleaning the house, I will try to focus my posts only on the golf part in my life! Check out my other post, if you want to know a little bit more about myself

My goals

  • Goal #1: Become a way better golfer.
    • a. Break 80 (March 9th, 2017).
    • b. Consistently break 80 (over 50% rate).
    • c. Become a scratch golfer.
  • Goal #2: Create a business focusing on the golf industry.
    • a. Build a following. Mostly on social media accounts (facebook, Instagram, Twitter).
      • 500 combined followers.
      • 5000 combined followers.
      • 50000 combined followers.
    • b. Create and sell merchandise around the brand RangeGolfer.
    • c. Take TrackMan University tests/exams.
      • a. Professional level 1
      • b. Professional level 2
      • “Maybe” start offering TrackMan sessions to others. Helping them to see their data and analyze their swing statistics. I would see this more of a “see what you are doing” approach and not “let me tell what you have to do”. I am not a golf coach and I am not looking at being one. I think it could be very dangerous for somebodies swing if you try to teach them something without the proper training or years of experience. Like I mentioned before. I would be offering swing DATA analysis or something where you can rent the device to check your data yourself while I operate it. It could be seen as an addition to other coaches who don’t have access to a launch monitor or more advanced players who want to work on tweaking some of their swing data. But this is something I will decide down the road.
  • Goal #3: Participate in more competitive golf tournaments.

Goal #1 approach

My approach for goal #1 is very simple and somewhat of an experiment. I want to see if I can teach myself to become a better golfer with the help of data and the internet. I bought a TrackMan in September 2016, which allows me to gather a lot of data about my swing and helps me to study my weaknesses. You can read here why I chose to buy a TrackMan instead of hiring a coach.

The steps for my approach are fairly simple.

  1. Identify, study and understand weaknesses in my golf game.
  2. Using a logical and analytical approach to either eliminate those weaknesses or turn them into strengths.
  3. Back to step 1 and repeat.

I will also document as well as I can:

  • My practice approach, practice stats and why I chose certain approaches.
  • Every round I play using the Arccos 360 sensor system. This will be in a form of screenshots. Unfortunately, the Arccos platform is not yet able to share a link to a full round.
  • TrackMan stats for all my clubs (chronological order latest to earliest).

Goal #2 approach

To reach most of the sub-goals I will heavily rely on my experience and background in business, marketing, and computer science. I won’t go into detail of how exactly I will achieve those milestones. Overall this site is more about the improvement of my golf game, the strategies I will choose to accomplish those goals. Rather than how to successfully or not successfully build a brand around yourself to support your dream allowing you to do what you love. Nevertheless, I will document some parts of it and write about failures or successes. The TrackMan university sub-goals are purely focused on studying all the different data points the device provides. It would be foolish to not study their material. That will be something I am slowly doing on the side and have been doing since I got the device. It truly helps to fully understand all the aspects of the ball flight and what happens at impact.

Goal #3 approach

This goal is pretty much an extension build on goal #1. Focus on goal #1 by achieving the sub-goals and goal #3 is a logical step in the right direction. At least for me, due to my competitiveness. I’m already participating in most scrambles and leagues my home course offers. I will try to also document my progress in those events.


To sum it up. I am 35 years old and I am about to change my life. Let the journey begin.


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