First week of practice is done

by Andy | April 22, 2017 1:55 am

Thursday was a great day. I took a break from practicing. Spent the day taking a small airplane ride to Kansas City for lunch. I have to admit, that was pretty cool!

Today it was back to practicing. I spent the morning working on putts for an hour and hitting my pitching wedge on the range afterward. Putting went well. I am getting more consistent. Keeping the putter low to the ground throughout the stroke and keeping the head still really helped me out.

While checking my videos from the TrackMan during my pitching wedge session, I realized that my quarter and half swings aren’t quarter and half swings. They are more like half and three-quarter swings. It really feels for me differently though. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. I want to get all my yardages figured out for my different swings. It just through me off watching the videos and seeing how much further I took the club back.  Next week I will be focusing during my iron and wedge sessions on my backswings and try to see my average yardages for each club. I hope to be able to start putting up some TrackMan stats on the website. I am still thinking about the best way how to present all the data from the TrackMan and Arccos 360 system.

My 18 holes were OK today. I shot an 86, due to some unnecessary double bogeys. I tried something new today and left my driver in the bag. I am trying to get more comfortable with my 3 wood. It took me a while to get used to it and had some of my bad hooks of the tee box. Towards the end of the round, I realized what the issue was (strong grip). Tested a grip change on the range and played 9 quick holes afterward. I hit 5 out of 6 fairways.

During my 18 I shot: 1 birdie, 5 pars, 9 bogeys, 2 doubles and 1 triple 🙁 . As I mentioned before my putts got more consistent and I had 37 putts. 2 one, 13 two and 3 three putts.

Overall I am happy with the first week of practice. I feel more comfortable with my putts again and I am looking forward to getting all my yardages with every club for my half & three-quarter swings figured out.

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