Driver aka “The beast”

Driver aka “The beast”

Oh driver, you beautiful and so hard to tame beast. You make us feel so awesome when we find your sweet spot on the tee box and make us come up with 10 excuses within a half second when we barely pass the tee box in front of us! But we still love you and are always looking forward to that “HOLY, SH*& you smashed/murdered/crushed that ball” sentence from others, when we finish a perfect swing sequence.

The tabs represent the stages of my swing with this particular club. The title of the tabs are obviously the dates of the footage. I feel like there are milestones in my swing and I will start documenting them.

Current Driver: Callaway RAZR Fit 9.5 loft, Aldila RIP’d NV 60 Fit Shaft stiff

After mainly working on reducing my backswing and shifting my club path towards an in-to-out direction. I started to make better contact and hit the ball further. I am still nowhere near the result I want to be at, but I am getting closer. It was kind of unfortunate, I didn’t get as many sessions in during the winter as I wanted and had to work on some things again that I thought aren’t an issue anymore.

My attack angle is mostly in the positive numbers. After working on other things and being more comfortable with them, it only took me one session to figure out how to fix that. For myself, it was teeing the ball up a little higher and pointing my left hip out towards the target. Creating a reversed K.

One of my current issues is that I leave the clubface open during impact. I feel like that it might come from my grip. For a while, I mostly had in-to-out swings, but something is reversing me to my out-to-in swing. It is not as bad as before, but I will have to keep focusing on that during my range sessions. I also feel like I am not keeping my left arm extended long enough towards the target and instead just jerking it after impact to the left. At least this is what it feels like to me.

Alright here is the current footage of my current swing.

Driver swing 4/27/2017

Driver impact TrackMan club path & face angle

As you can see my club face is slightly open on impact. Pretty sure I hit this one more towards the toe which created the gear effect and stopped the ball from having a positive spin axis (fading).

driver_screen_4-27-17 RangeGolfer

Driver impact TrackMan stats

Lately, I observed that I have a lower spin rate. Usually, it is now between 2000 and 3000 rpm, but not during my last sessions. Just something I will keep an eye on.

driver_impact_4-27-17 RangeGolfer

Driver TrackMan stats

driver_stats_all_4-27-17 RangeGolfer

Pretty clear that I am not 100% there yet. But I did make progress. I have several shots that are between 320 and 340 yards. Personally, I don’t care at the moment if I carry it between 260 or 310 off the tee. My current number one priority is consistency & dispersion and of course figuring out why I leave my club face open on impact.

Driver TrackMan dispersion carry

Very unhappy with anything that is further than 30-40 yards from the target line.

driver_dispersion_carry_4-27-17 RangeGolfer


This is my driver swing right when I got my TrackMan. Before the TrackMan I occasionally talked to the pros and tried to figure out why I am slicing the ball. They always gave me some tips and drills, but for some reason, it did not click in my head. I always ended up going back to this swing. I knew I was coming over the top or had an out-to-in swing, but nothing anyone said made me truly understand what I am supposed to do. To be honest I am just a data driven guy and like to analyze everything myself.

At that point, I did not think about anything. I just walked up to the ball and tried to hit it hard. I did not think about how high the ball should be teed up, where my club face in relation to the ball at address should be or what I would have to do to get my attack angle into positive numbers. Well, the last part I did not even know existed till I started studying the TrackMan numbers through the TrackMan University.

One thing will immediately jump out and that is how faaaaaaar back and flat my backswing was. I literally saw the club head through my left eye on occasions. There was also something funky going on with my upper body and hips, I guess resulting from going too far back and trying to get everything back. My accuracy was crap due to that. If I got one good drive, great, but that was very rare. I mean I still hit it far, but accuracy was really lacking. At the end it really doe snot matter that you hit it 280 yards or longer right into the trees all the time. It didn’t take me long to understand that to increase my accuracy I have to calm my backswing down. Good things happen for me when I don’t try to go back so far. The crazy part was that I did not feel like I am going too far back. After a while, I realized that my half shots during that time have the backswing I want for a full shot. At the beginning, it felt really weird to stop myself from overrotating. And I am still working on it.

So let’s take a look at the video and the data of my not so perfect swing. I apologize in advance. The quality is not really the best.

Driver swing 9/15/2016

Driver impact TrackMan club path & face angle

It is pretty clear to see that this is very out-to-in and at that point 100% of my shots where out-to-in. If you look closely you can see the white target line towards the 200 yards marker.

The outcome of that swing was, I either pulled the ball if the face angle zeroed out with the club path or hit a slice whenever the club face came open. Which actually happened a lot.


Driver impact TrackMan stats

My attack angle was always in minus. Once I learned it is better to have a positive attack angle for the driver I started to work on it, but gave up and focused on other things. I started trying to fix too many things at once and told myself to think about my backswing first. At least trying to get that feel that my half swings are going to be my new full swings. As I mentioned before, my half swings actually looked more like full swings. This was more mental than anything else.

driver_impact_9-15-16 RangeGolfer

Driver TrackMan stats

Well, here you have all the stats if you are interested from that shot. My club speed is always around 110-115 mph. I can go up to 120 mph, but that is just non-sense for me. As long as I have difficulties to hit the driver solid, increasing the club speed will just result in more uncontrolled swings (that is my opinion).

driver_stats_all_9-15-16 RangeGolfer

Overall it was pretty clear that I had some things to work on and I did. I didn’t try to tackle everything at once. My highest priority was to calm my backswing down. My second priority was to shift to a closer to zero or in-to-out club path.I believe that if you have a more controlled backswing you will have an easier time making better and solid contact.

I believe that if you have a more controlled backswing you will have an easier time making better and solid contact.

Driver TrackMan dispersion carry

driver_dispersion_carry_9-15-16 RangeGolfer

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