3 days in. It has begun.

by Andy | April 20, 2017 1:57 am

Well, my training plan[1] is working and by that I mean, seven hours on the course every day is no joke. The biggest issue is trying to stay focused and doing everything with a purpose. I am catching myself mindlessly putting or hitting balls on the range because I am just exhausted towards the end of the day. I do go into my practice sessions with a plan, but I have to admit, it isn’t easy to 100% stick to it. It might also be me, adjusting to a new daily routine.

Wasn’t able to fully stick to my program on Monday (4/17/17). Some people were still off work due to easter and the course was packed. Had to play a very slow round, around 4.5 hours. Usually, it only takes me 2.5 hours. I did stick to my two hours Monday putting routine and several small things came up. I am lifting my head when I putt. Resulting in not hitting the putter very well and losing distance. As soon as I kept my head still, I started hitting the putter more flush and that resulted in way longer putts. Something I will have to adjust to. Unfortunately, that is something that made my Monday and Tuesday round more difficult. I am still getting used to the new roll distance I am creating by keeping my head down / still.

Tuesday (4/18/17) was tough. I felt like I got rolled over by a steamroller, I was tired! Really did not feel like practicing or playing. Still stuck to the morning routine and worked on chips and some long iron shots. Lately, I have difficulties flushing my long irons and I feel like I am going too far back in my back swing. Chipping was OK. The course grew some ugly roughs and right now I am trying to get used to hitting nice shots out of the rough. Good hint I got was to cut the ball, leading with the heel. That really helps to get the ball nicely out of the rough and right now I have to develop the feel for distances with those shots. The round sucked a lot! Got an ugly 94 and was not happy with that, of course! It was just an off day, shake it off and leave it behind.

Today (Wednesday 4/19/17) was better. Felt like I had more energy in the morning and got to do some more TrackMan putting practice. I was mostly working on trying to increase my roll percentage. My regular putts are around 80%. I tinkered around with angles, body weight distribution and so on and got some up to 95% roll. One of the pros (Justin) gave me a hint later and it really helped. He told me to keep my putter low to the ground throughout the stroke. Funny how small things can make a huge difference. I tried a few putts and it adds to my accuracy. For my putting, I have to make sure I do two things. Keep my head still and keep the putter low to the ground throughout the putt.

Wednesday round was better and I shot an 85. Actually had an eagle on hole 1. The best way to start a round! Unfortunately, the rest of the day was more a bogey and double bogey round. Overall I had 1 eagle :), 1 birdie, 4 pars, 7 bogeys and 5 doubles. Lately, I got on the bogey train and for some reason, my golf game is enjoying that ride and does not want to get off it. I get a little peak here and there into the luxury section of the train, where the pars and birdies sit, but immediately get send back to my bogey seat!

Here are some putting stats from Monday:

3 foot straight: Out of 20; 17 made & 3 missed.
5 foot straight: Out of 20; 16 made & 4 missed.
10 foot straight uphill: Out of 20; 9 made & 11 missed.
15 foot straight uphill: Out of 20; 1 made & 19 missed.

2 Par Game

3 foot straight: 19 strokes.
5 foot straight: 22 strokes.

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Source URL: https://rangegolfer.com/3-days-begun/