2nd Saturday Gaggle

2nd Saturday Gaggle

I play in a Saturday gaggle. The buy-in is $10 and the format is Stableford + skins. I currently have to reach 20 points. You get 3 points for birdies, 2 points for pars, 1 point for bogeys and 0 points for doubles. Last week I didn’t play too well. I got 19 points shooting an 88 made 5th place and won a birdie skin.

This Saturday I played better. I sucked the front nine. Shot an unfortunate 46, but rocked the back nine where I got a 37 (83 overall). Got 24 points, made 4th place and won a skin again. Compared to last season, I did improve my game in the gaggle. I still feel like I am new to golf and I am finally starting to get comfortable at the tee box, playing with others and for money.

This is just a quick update. I am looking forward to Monday and start with my second practice week.

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